Thursday, May 3, 2012

New String Quilt

I'm making a mostly all blue String quilt for an Israeli soldier.  These are fun to do but make a real mess.  It gets a little boring so I have to stop every once in awhile and do something else.  Then I can come back to it again.  This makes it slow going, but it will get done.  This is what I have so far.
These are the next blocks ready to be put together.  It will be a large quilt.  Each square is 6 1/2".  Then I put them together in groups of 4.  As you can see it will be 4 groups across and 5 or 6 groups down.


  1. How blessed the soldier receiving such a prize will be! It will be like being wrapped in prayer.

  2. I enjoyed very much making my first (and only) string quilt. I would like to make others.
    Yours is absolutely stunning.
    Very nice and a very nice present to a young soldier!