Thursday, February 9, 2012

Broken Dishes Block

I finished another block for our Underground Railroad quilt, called Broken Dishes.  I'd really like to find out someday how this block got it's name.  It must be a funny story.  Years ago when I learned to quilt, I made a template, cut it out and put the block together by hand.  This took a long time. As so many of you know, we have new and faster ways to do this now.  There are even many tutorials that are shown on the internet.  I took some pictures of one faster way as I put this block together for the ladies in my group.


  1. Etty, it's funny that we both used the same fabrics for this block. I did mine by making 4" strips and sewd diagonally along the strip. Fast and Easy.

  2. Nice job!I haven't made this block yet, or it's not in my Underground Railroad book. I might add it anyway! Does it come out to be 12 1/2 inches square?

  3. I remember before there were such tools as rotary cutters. Now as I look back how antiquated we were in our methods. I so appreciate progress.