Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bracha's Boat Quilt

Bracha quilted this project with a thick batting and didn't like it.  So, she took it apart and used a flat batting instead.  Here she is sandwiching it again on my table.  I don't know if I would had the ambition to do all this.  It takes allot to rip out all those stitches and start again.  But, a quilter has to be happy with her work; and, Bracha is now much happier that she made the change.  It was worth the extra effort.


  1. Kol hakoved to Bracha. I'm not sure I would have taken it apart either.

    and...happy sun birthday :)

  2. Bracha must be an exceedingly patient quilter. Me, not so much. Id've given it an eyeroll, finished it as quickly as possible and moved on to the next project :(