Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June Projects

June turned out to be a very busy month. We've worked hard on our sewing and I've been too busy to post.  Sorry about that.  I will try to keep up with the ladies more in July.

Naomi made another painting of flowers. The picture doesn't show how adorable it really is.
She also has started an applique for a children's stool, using denim fabric. Only the top is completed. I'll show this again when it's finished.  Her kids will love this.

Sara and Renee S, made a new tote bag together.  Sara, using her fabrics, cut it out and Renee did the sewing.  It's really fun to work together.

Renee B has finished her wall hanging and if off to London to visit her daughter.  She finished it just in time for this trip. It looks lovely and just the way she wanted.

Rina has been working on her Batik Log Cabin over the past few weeks. The top is completed now and she is going to wait before she quilts it.  It is for a family member and in case it's a surprise, I don't want to mention who it is for. You don't often see this pattern using this fabric but it turned out to be extraordinarily beautiful.

Shifra found a wonderful new quilt pattern on About.com  As soon as she saw it, she got right to it. It's almost finished.  Just needs a border. It's another purple quilt. She does like purple!
Shifra is also working on another quilt. This is the second time she is using this pattern. Now there is more purple and since she had an extra square she is using it for a label on the back. Nice touch Shifra.

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