Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Purim Meeting

Our meeting this week falls a week before our holiday of Purim.  We dress up in costumes (especially the kids) and we give gifts of food on this wonderful day. We always give gifts to the poor that are less fortunate than us.
This week we started with our weekly shiur (lecture) given by Rochel G, on the Torah. Not everyone made it into the picture, but here are most of us.  All smiles and ready to work.
Rina worked on her log cabin
Shifra brought along her Purim baskets that she is making. They will be filled with goodies. Aren't they cute?  Notice the quilted fish on the side! We hope Susan and Shifra will give us a class on making these soon.
Susan brought several gifts for a raffle but I was unable to get a picture.  Thank you so much for this lovely surprise for the ladies.
Sara worked on her log cabin which is almost finished.

Susan worked on her new quilt.  Next step will be the borders.
I just enjoy seeing what everyone is doing each week.

When the ladies were leaving they each received a little thread catcher full of goodies for Purim.  Some sewing items were included which are always appreciated. 

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