Monday, April 4, 2011

Color Catchers

I've been using Shout Color Catchers for washing reds and dark fabrics.  It works well but I can't find it here in Israel.  Sara found 2 similar products and I'm going to give them a try.  One is by Woolite called Color Protection and the other is Protect Color by Ideal.  If any of you have used these products and like them I'd like to hear from you.


  1. Etty,
    I'd be curious how well the Woolite ones work; I didn't know they made them. I've always used Shout sheets. BTW, love what you've got on the design wall...happy quilting!

  2. Please let us know if you like either or both. Thanks.

  3. Hello, Etty and all! I'm still looking for any of these or a similar product in Beijing. Please keep us posted on how well they work/don't work!